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    This blog was created as a practice context response to Arthur Miller’s The Crucible as part of VCE English's Context unit Encountering Conflict. I do not own all of the posted images. Apart from linked and direct quotes, all text is original, with inspiration taken from The Crucible.

    The blog is intended to be mildly humorous, combining contemporary issues and our modern lifestyle with events experienced by the characters in Arthur Miller’s play; at the same time, it tries to explore the themes in the play that relate to conflict. I do not own Abigail Williams, nor any other characters referenced in the blog.

    Anyone wanting to use any part of this blog for whatever reason is more than welcome to, just let me know. I can be contacted via email (happyangrysad@gmail.com) or via Twitter (@happyangrysad). You can also post questions via the “accuse me” section, located here, and access Tumblr posts liked by Abigail here.

    This tumblr was created on 19th July 2010 by David McNamara.

    UPDATE: “a pointy reckoning” placed as a runner-up in the 2010 Inkys Creative Reading Prize. Congrats Abbey :)